Possible Ways of Evaluation of Industrially Manufactured Means for Low-Bearing Terrain Strengthening Usable in Military Operations

Ota Rolenec, Tibor Palasiewicz, Jaroslav Záleský, Jan Kyjovský, Ota Rolenec


The article deals with determining possible criteria and costs for using modern means for low-bearing terrain strengthening in current operations. Particularly in the construction of bases and in fulfilling the tasks of mobility support during combat, it is necessary to comprehensively plan the use of these devices regarding their capabilities and the costs related to their total time of use. To select the optimal mean for use in a given task, it is proposed to assess the selected technical indicators, significantly affecting the purchase price. Given the importance of the financial costs of the whole process of using any means, the article proposes a procedure for calculating life cycle costs by using mathematical methods. When calculating the acquisition and use of devices for strengthening the terrain, it is necessary to evaluate both the required technical indicators and the life cycle costs of the means. The basic text premises are based on the analysis of documents solving the engineer mobility support of deployed troops and life cycle costs and on the results of structured interviews with commanders and members of airbases. The article aims to offer a potential user procedure for evaluating a new device or more means for strengthening the terrain among themselves already at the time of its acquisition based on the fulfillment of the given task.


Costs calculation; mathematical methods; mobility support; terrain strengthening; military engineering.

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