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Posted: 2023-12-27
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Vol 13, No 6 (2023)

Table of Contents


Activity of Natural Compound Pothos tener Wall on Aeromonas hydrophila Infection to Prevent of Antibiotics PDF
Media Fitri Isma Nugraha, Dwi Asih Kurniati, Sri Rukmini, Imam Taukhid, Hessy Novita, Bejo Slamet, Ikhsan Khasani, Dwi Budiyanto Trisnoharjono, Muh. Alias L Rajamuddin, Berna Elya 1999-2008
Increasing Fe Content in Rice Plants with the Application Liquid Fertilizer of Moringa oleifera and Golden Snail PDF
Srie Juli Rachmawati, Edi Purwanto, Amalia Tetrani Sakya, Widyatmani Sih Dewi 2009-2014
Cross Flow Microfiltration System in Separating Fermented Nixtamal Corn for Preparation of Natural Folic Acid PDF
Agustine Susilowati, - Aspiyanto, Hakiki Melanie, Yati Maryati, Puspa D. Lotulung 2015-2023
Optimization and Analysis of Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) by Bacillus sp. Strain CL33 and Bacillus flexus Strain S5a from Palm Oil Mill Waste PDF
Nur Haedar, Mutia Putri Jamaluddin, - Fahruddin, Zaraswati Dwyana, Zarlina Zainuddin, Fuad Gani, Mustika Tuwo 2024-2030
Utilization of Sargassum Flour Fermented with Bacillus aerius Bacteria in Siganus guttatus Rabbitfish Enlargement Feed PDF
- Kamaruddin, - Haryati, Siti Aslamyah, Muhammad Yusri Karim 2031-2037
Increasing Viability of Bacillus subtilis BR610 through Inulin-Loaded Synbiotic Microcapsules PDF
Bunga Rante Tampangallo, Hilal Anshary, - Sriwulan, Rachman Syah 2038-2044
Influence of ZnO on Antibacterial Properties of Portland Cement PDF
Rahadian Zainul, Randy Trafino, - Krismadinata, Remon Lapisa, Putri Azhari, Amalia Putri Lubis, - Muhardi 2045-2051
Addition of Cd2+ Metal Ions to Conway Culture Medium on Phytoplankton Growth of Chaetoceros calcitrans PDF
Andi Makkasau, Erma Suryani Sahabuddin 2052-2059
Transmutation of Plutonium and Minor Actinide in PWR Thorium-Transuranic Fuel Assembly PDF
- Zuhair, Wahid Luthfi, R. Andika Putra Dwijayanto, - Sriyono, - Suwoto 2060-2066
Effect of Calcination on the Ash from Lokon Volcano and Its Potentially Sustainable Binder Material PDF
Maria Daurina Bobanto, Dolfie Paulus Pandara, Ferdy Ferdy, Vistarani Arini Tiwow, Henry Aritonang, Adey Tanauma, Rezkyana Todingan 2067-2072
Multitemporal Acoustic Backscatter Data Analysis to Monitor the Dynamics of Seabed Surface Sediments PDF
Danar Guruh Pratomo, - Khomsin, Irena Hana Hariyanto, Nabilla Aprilia Putri, Imam Mudita, Dwi Haryanto, Ahmad Fawaiz Safi’ 2073-2080
In Silico Docking to Explore the Coronavirus-2 ACE2 Inhibitor Potential in Brown Seaweed Padina sp. from Morotai Island, North Maluku, Indonesia PDF
- Sundari, - Khadijah, Aras Syazili, Lia Hapsari, Abdu Mas'ud 2081-2087
Measurement Analysis of Non-Invasive Blood Glucose On Sensor Coplanar Waveguide Loaded Square Ring Resonator with Interdigital Coupling Capacitor PDF
Catur Ratmoko, Iryanto Laisa, Mudrik Alaydrus 2088-2097
Surface Water Wave Detector for Floating Devices with Capacitive Sensor PDF
Poh Wei Lui, Boon Chin Yeo, Way Soong Lim 2098-2104
Position and Temperature Detector for Autism Spectrum Disorder Children based on Sensor and Using IoT System PDF
Yunidar Yunidar, Melinda Melinda 2105-2111
Dynamic QoS: Automatically Modifying QoS Queue's Maximum Bandwidth Rate-Limit of Network Devices for Network Improvement PDF
Muhammad Fendi Osman, Mohd Rizal Mohd Isa, Mohammad Adib Khairuddin, Mohd Afizi Mohd Shukran, Noor Afiza Mat Razali, Nur Diyana Kamarudin, Amin Suharjono 2112-2119
Deployment of 5G NR Outdoor-to-Indoor at Midband and mmWave Frequency Implementation in Indonesia's Industrial Area PDF
Alfin Hikmaturokhman, Ghina Fahira, Ray Nur Esa, Asri Wulandari Asri, Goh Khang Wen 2120-2127
Performance Study of Multipath Effect in 5G Millimeter-Wave Channel PDF
Gwo Chin Chung, Pravin Kumar A/L Sivakumar, Jun Jiat Tiang, Wai Leong Pang, Chu Liang Lee 2128-2135
Telecommunication Fiber Box Detection Using YOLO in Urban Environment PDF
Azib-Jazman Azmawi, Wan-Noorshahida Mohd-Isa, Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman 2136-2144
Analysis of 5.8 GHz Network for Line of Sight (LOS) and Non-Line of Sight (NLOS) in Suburban Environment PDF
Ikha Fadzila Md Idris, Tan Kim Geok, Noor Ziela Abd Rahman, Mohd Haffizzi Md Idris 2145-2155
Fine Tuned of DenseNET121 to Classify NTT Weaving Motifs on Mobile Application PDF
Yohanes Eudes Hugo Maur, Albertus Joko Santoso, - Pranowo 2156-2163
Performance Analysis of New 2D Spatial OCDMA Encoding based on HG Modes in Multicore Fiber PDF
Walid Sahraoui, Angela Amphawan, Muhammed Basheer Jasser, Tse-Kian Neo 2164-2170
Dynamic Sign Language Recognition Using Mediapipe Library and Modified LSTM Method PDF
- Ridwang, Amil Ahmad Ilham, Ingrid Nurtanio, - Syafaruddin 2171-2180
Benefits of Using Technology through the Use of Applications in Integrated Referral Services in Social Welfare Centers (Puskesos) PDF
Denti Kardeti, - Pribowo, Aep Rusmana, - Marjuki, Bambang Rustanto, Ayu Mirah Kirani, - Alfrojems 2181-2189
The Impact of Online Transportation Services on Indonesian Urban Non-Working Trip Volume and Distribution Pattern: A Case Study in Bandung City PDF
Miming Miharja, Renny Desiana, Desiree Marlyn Kipuw 2190-2197
An Approach to the Utilization of Design Thinking in Artificial Intelligence Education PDF
Seong-Won Kim, HakNeung Go, Seung-Ju Hong, Youngjun Lee 2198-2204
Teacher Challenges in Designing the Learning after Curriculum Change: An Analysis of Learning Management System PDF
Sri Marmoah, Fatma Sukmawati, Jenny I S Poerwanti, - Supianto, - Yantoro, Diana Sinziana Duca 2205-2212
Regression-based Analytical Approach for Speech Emotion Prediction based on Multivariate Additive Regression Spline (MARS) PDF
Budi Triandi, Syahril Efendi, Herman Mawengkang, - Sawaluddin 2213-2218
Business Category Classification via Indistinctive Satellite Image Analysis Using Deep Learning PDF
Injamul Haque Suvon, Yuen Peng Loh, Noramiza Hashim, Wan Noorshahida Mohd-Isa, Choo-Yee Ting, Khairil Imran Ghauth, Arpita Bhattacharijee, Wan Razali Matsah 2219-2230
Development of Mobile Learning Based on Digital Entrepreneurs Using Raspberry Pi on TVET PDF
Rahmat Fadillah, - Ganefri, Asmar Yulastri, Hendra Hidayat 2231-2239
Spatiotemporal Analysis for Rainfall Prediction Using Extreme Learning Machine Cluster PDF
Renaldy Fredyan, Muhammad Rizki Nur Majiid, Gede Putra Kusuma 2240-2248
Facial Skin Type Analysis Using Few-shot Learning with Prototypical Networks PDF
Quan Fong Yeo, Shih Yin Ooi, Ying Han Pang, Ying Huey Gan 2249-2266
Assessment of Maintenance Performance Using the Maintenance Scorecard Method and Prioritization of Problem Control Strategies with the USG Method PDF
Rahmat Nurcahyo, Duhita Wahyu Maulida, Danar Agus Susanto, Ellia Kristiningrum 2267-2273
Mental Health State Classification Using Facial Emotion Recognition and Detection PDF
Adel Aref Ali Al-zanam, Omer Hussein Abdou Elsayed Hussein Alhomery, Choo Peng Tan 2274-2281
A Healthcare Recommender System Framework PDF
Kher-Ning Ooi, Su-Cheng Haw, Kok-Why Ng 2282-2293
Ambiguity Detection and Improvement for Malay Requirements Specification: A Systematic Review PDF
Mohd Firdaus Zahrin, Mohd Hafeez Osman, Sa'adah Hassan, Azlena Haron, Alfian Abdul Halin 2294-2301
Learning Dayak Literature through Information Systems PDF
Sigit Widiyarto, Dadang Sunendar, Dellia Mila Vernia, Siti Alifah, Hugo Aries Suprapto, Ari Wahyu Leksono, Nur Rizkiyah 2302-2307
An Extreme Programming Approach to Streamlining Thesis Writing PDF
Andi Bahtiar Semma, Muh Saerozi, Kusrini Kusrini, Abdul Syukur, Achmad Maimun 2308-2313
Human Age Group Estimation Using Gait Features PDF
Qian Fu Soo, Tee Connie, Michael Kah Ong Goh 2314-2327
Artificial Intelligence for the Classification of Plastic Waste Utilizing TinyML on Low-Cost Embedded Systems PDF
Jutarut Chaoraingern, Vittaya Tipsuwanporn, Arjin Numsomran 2328-2337
Application of Artificial Intelligence in Predicting Oil Production Based on Water Injection Rate PDF
Diyah Rosiani, Muhamad Gibral Walay, Pradini Rahalintar, Arya Dwi Candra, Akhmad Sofyan, Yesaya Arison Haratua 2338-2344
Analysis and Evaluation of PointNet for Indoor Office Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation PDF
Calvin Wijaya, - Harintaka 2345-2353
Analysis of Propagation Characteristics in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) System PDF
Eni Dwi Wardihani, Tiara Nira Sari, Thomas Agung Setyawan, Hany Windri Astuti 2354-2360
Comparison of Crossflow Turbine Performance through Nozzle Position Variations Using ANSYS Simulation PDF
Corvis L Rantererung, Atus Buku 2361-2371
Evaluation and Optimization Based on Exergy in Kamojang Geothermal Power Plant Unit 3 PDF
Bayu Rudiyanto, Arief Wicaksono, Miftah Hijriawan 2372-2379
Analysis of Dam Break Wave Using Analytical, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and Experimental Approaches PDF
Evi Noviani, Yoga Satria Putra, Cucu Suheri 2380-2387
Investigating an Enhanced Approach for Greenhouse Climate Control: Optimising Cooling and Heating Systems PDF
Endi Sailul Haq, Shinta Setiadevi, Eka Mistiko Rini, Dianni Yusuf, Ardito Atmaka Aji 2388-2396
Research in Electronic Multi-Sensor Accuracy in the Implementation of Soil Fertility Monitoring System Using LoRA PDF
Wahyu Pamungkas Tjiptoyuda, Mas Aly Afandi, Sarah Astiti, I Ketut Agung Enrico, Anis Sirwan Zukhrufi, Rahmat Hardian Putra, - Rohmat 2397-2406
Requirements for Domain-Specific Language in Enterprise Architecture-based SDGs Orchestration PDF
Erda Guslinar Perdana, Benhard Sitohang, Husni Setiawan Sastramihardja, Muhammad Zuhri Catur Candra 2407-2417
Road Maintenance Management Based on Geographic Information System (GIS) PDF
Ajeng Meiliana Rizky, Ananda Amatory Zahra, Yackob Astor, Ridho Septian, Ghifari Munawar, Atmy Verani Sihombing, Cholid Fauzi 2418-2426

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