The effect of Adding Liquid Smoke Powder to Shelf Life of Sauce

Desniorita Desniorita, Maryam Maryam


Development of food preservation with the use of liquid smoke technology continues to be done in order to produce a product that has the taste of smoke, durable and safe for consumption. To make easy handling and application redistilat liquid smoke, has developed innovative technology in making smoke powder using maltodextrin as the carrier medium. Drying with spray dryer of method in the process of drying the product with the end result in the form of powder and the most widely used in industry, especially the food industry. The purpose of this study was to determine the process of making liquid smoke powder by spray drying method and see its effect on the flavor and shelf life of sauce. The main tool used is a spray dryer and mixer.The main material used is liquid smoke and dextrin. Optimal conditions of liquid smoke powder procesing is at concentration 5% and temperature  inlet 160°C. Concentration and inlet temperature very significant effect on the moisture content, bulk density and yield. Concentration did not significantly affectt the solubility. Giving liquid smoke powder increase the shelf life of sauce  is 7 days. Providing optimum flavor can still be received by respondents is at the level 2%.


liquid smoke powder; flavour; shelf life; sauce

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