Assessment of Bekok River Water Quality Status and Its Suitability for Supporting the Different Uses: A Review

Lee Mao Rui, Mohamad Ali Fulazzaky


The river's water flow from the upstream area that is represent by the Bekok dam. The water flows into the sea through the Sungai Simpang Kanan and Sungai Batu Pahat. Bekok' river flows through various types of land use including agricultural with oil palm estate and rubber estate. From the review visit carried out on the river pollution found there from the sources such as fertilizer into the ground and dumped it into the Bekok' river, waste water draining from users around the city Yong Peng waste flowing into Bekok' rivers. the existence of livestock chicken, cattle and goats in commercial, waste disposal centred in Yong Peng area (500 meters) from the Bekok' river and factory built near the Bekok' river. The impact of this situation is affecting the human's health. The aggravated problems of water quality in Bekok' river has inspired this research to determine the safe level pollution of heavy metals. The formulation of the water quality standards are commonly considered either the water utilization purposes or the water quality degradation. The water quality evaluation system (WQES) is used to evaluate the available water condition that distinguishes into two categories i.e., the water quality index (WQI) and water quality aptitude (WQA). This analysis is provides for the local authorities in managing the river water quality and to warm water users that the water pollution will influence human's drinking water and it will involved younger generation.


Bekok River; pollution sources; water quality

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