Position and Temperature Detector for Autism Spectrum Disorder Children based on Sensor and Using IoT System

Yunidar Yunidar, Melinda Melinda


Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have characteristics where one cannot control emotions, which can cause tantrums that can impact behavior and body temperature. Based on this, they should be supervised by parents/relatives. To reduce the effects of these circumstances, this study seeks to design a technology system that can measure body temperature and detect the position of ASD children who can later monitor the activities they do. This system applies the ESP32 microcontroller and utilizes the GPS module to read the position of objects detected by the system and the MLX90614 temperature sensor, which can detect the body temperature of ASD children. Then, to facilitate checking, the control system is designed with an IoT system through the Blynk application to make it easier for users to supervise ASD children and can be accessed via smartphones in real time. In this study, detection testing was carried out on 3 ASD child subjects by grouping three conditions: namely, the child exits the location when the child is outside the predetermined location; then the child exits the body temperature when the child's body temperature is abnormal, and the child exits the location and body temperature outside normal. The results obtained show that the detector test results provide notifications to application users in the form of "child out of location," "child out of body temperature," and "child out of location and body temperature outside normal".


Autism spectrum disorder; supervised; notification; IoT system

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