Comparison of Crossflow Turbine Performance through Nozzle Position Variations Using ANSYS Simulation

Corvis L Rantererung, Atus Buku


The performance comparison of Crossflow turbines is greatly influenced by the position of the nozzle in the conversion of water energy into mechanical energy that occurs through the blades, runners, and shafts of Crossflow turbines. The study aims to directly examine the visualization of water fluid dynamics across the turbine runner blade and enhance the performance of the Crossflow turbine by varying the nozzle position. This study intends to investigate the impact of water flow dynamics and emission on the performance of Crossflow turbines with a combined horizontal-vertical nozzle position, specifically focusing on the magnitude of the number of turbine blades driven and the size of the runner blade area. The objective of investigating nozzle position variations in Crossflow turbines is to determine the specific nozzle position at which the turbine blade may efficiently extract maximum energy from the water flow, hence optimizing turbine performance. The research method using models made using CAD software is AutoCAD by exporting to IGES or IGS format to be compatible with ANSYS. The simulation of this research is with post-processing. There are three, namely making animations, making contours, and taking data to compare cross-turbine performance using variations in nozzle position. Crossflow turbine performance with horizontal nozzle position torque and turbine power is lower, and there is an increase in a vertical position. Then, the horizontal and vertical nozzle position is very good because the nozzle is more effective with maximum turbine performance, namely 13.811-watt turbine power 1,099 turbine torque at 120 rpm.


Crossflow turbine; turbine performance; nozzle position variation; ANSYS simulation

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