Performance Analysis of New 2D Spatial OCDMA Encoding based on HG Modes in Multicore Fiber

Walid Sahraoui, Angela Amphawan, Muhammed Basheer Jasser, Tse-Kian Neo


This paper presents a pioneering 2D spatial Optical Code-Division Multiple Access (OCDMA) encoding system that exploits Mode Division Multiplexing (MDM) and Multicore Fiber (MCF) technologies. This innovative approach utilizes two spatial dimensions to enhance the performance and security of OCDMA systems. In the first dimension, we employ Hermite-Gaussian modes (HG00, HG01, HG11) to modulate each user's signal individually. This unique approach offers a robust means of data transmission while ensuring minimal interference among users. The second-dimension leverages MCF encoding, introducing two incoherent OCDMA codes: the Zero Cross Correlation (ZCC) code (λc=0) and the ZFD code (λc=1). These codes are thoughtfully designed and simulated, taking into account their cross-correlation properties to guarantee minimal interference and heightened data security. To assess the efficiency of this novel OCDMA encoding system, we implemented simulations with three active users using the Opti system software. At the transmitter end, each user's signal is modulated individually by their designated HG mode (HG00, HG01, HG11), resulting in separate channels. Subsequently, at the multicore fiber, each user's data is encoded with a unique code-word, and they are directed through specific core groups, ensuring data isolation and integrity. In this paper, the BER and eye pattern are examined with respect to different parameters such as data rate and distance. At a distance of 5 km and data rate of 10 Gbit/s, a BER value around 10-70 is achieved.


Hermite-Gaussian modes; multicore fiber; mode division multiplexing; code division multiple access; zero cross correlation (ZCC) code; ZFD

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